Angel of Wisdom Sitting on Top of a Gargoyle


Angel of Wisdom Sitting on Top of a Gargoyle is a creative representation of the Angel Sophia, wisdom. Sophia is oneof the oldest angels, but she isnto an archangel herself. She is believed to help human beings see the truth and gain wisdom through experience. Sophia was the first angel to know of the rebellion against the throne of God. She agaonized for so long on what to do. In the end, she made the choice to first go to the Archangel Micheal and then the Archangel Uriel to inform them of the impending rebellion. This is always why you will always see the Angel Sohpia gaze into the distance with a blank look upon her face. Most often see can be seen sitting on top of a gargoyle over looking all of humanity. The figurine stands 12.5" tall. The figurine is made of a premium cold cast resin. The detail is amazing onthis piece. This is evidenced through the hand painting and polishing.