Gargoyle Warrior Statue


The ancient history of the gargoyles is not very well known. At some point in the distant past, gargoyles developed their system of virtues, which revolved around Singularity and that all parts were as important as the others both in their virtue system and in their society. They built the Shrine of Singularity, and they housed there the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, which Naxatilor had found in the Etherial void. Their world, the Realm of the Gargoyles, was a harsh one, but the gargoyles thrived and developed their culture nonetheless. The Gargoyle Warrior Statue comemorates their architectual and mythological roots. A must have fantasy piece for your collection.

  • Made of durable composite resin.
  • The Gargoyle Warrior Statue is expertly hand painted and polished.
  • Hieght: 6.5"