Guard Dog C- Series Expandable Baton 22"- Black


You read the articles and see the daily news concerning the rise of violent attacks. The idea of carrying a firearm or similar lethal weapon is not the right solution for you. What are the options for less than lethal forms of self protection? The Guard Dog C- Series Expandable Baton 22"- Black is an excellent solution for your self-defense needs. Those who have not considered utilizing a steel baton in the past for protection, because of the potentially lethal outcomes of such strikes. They now have a much better option with the Guard Dog C-series Baton.

What makes the Guard Dog C- Series Baton a much better option? First, the baton is constructed of a high quality carbonized polymer, no steel. This makes the baton much lighter and easier to use. The baton also utilizes a friction-lock design that makes operation of the baton much easier. All you need is just a flick of the wrist. Compared to their steel baton counterparts. The baton is also designed with a premium coated anti-rust polymer paint for protection that won’t fade away. When you need to retract the baton back into the handle. All you have to do is give it a light tap on any hard surface.