Masonic Dagger


Ornate and appealing, this Masonic Black Dagger would serve just as well as a side-arm to a Free Mason as it would a symbol to a masonic ritual master, either of whom would no doubt appreciate the inherent symbolism to be found in the daggers design. This impressive dagger features a gold color toned hilt that is rich in design, possessing fine details that all link back to Masonic tradition. The wheel pommel is adorned with a grey five point star, while the guard features a matching grey medallion that depicts a masonic square and compass. The sectional grip is broken up into four quadrants, each of which is colored black to accent the vibrant gold color finish of the hilt. The daggers blade is made from steel and features a moderate taper to a fine point. Included with the dagger is a matching scabbard, made from wood and wrapped in black leather. The scabbard also features gold color metal accents on the throat and chape that continue the theme of masonic symbolism. This Masonic Black Dagger is as much a symbol of Free Masonry as it is a reminder of the societys various symbols, making it a great addition to any Free Masons collection, as well as a fine addition to any weapons collectors armory, as well.


  • Overall Length: 22"
  • Blade is Crafted in Fine Steel
  • Features a Moderate Taper and A Fine Point
  • Dagger Hilt is Decorated in Rich Gold Color Metal
  • Depicts Various Symbols of Free Masonry
  • Includes a Black Scabbard with Gold Color Metal Accents
  • A Fine Costume Weapon or a Stunning Addition to a Display or Collection