Tyre Thumper Solid Wood Billy Club


This is an authentic British solid wood truncheon. The Tyre Truncheon is the very same that bobby cops in London used when they patrolled their beat. Wrap your hands around the rigid and rugged handle. The grip is easy to hold and slip free. The handle has black accents and is contoured for a superb gripping experience. The club itself is solid wood and has metal inserts in the top and in the bottom. A splash of humor is added to the side of the truncheon in the phrase "Thump With Pride." The Tyre Truncheon is a great compliment to any security personnel or avid defense supporter.


  • Solid wood club - 19 inch length
  • Leather strap
  • Firm grip handle
  • Thumb With Pride etched on body
  • Metal end tips on top and bottom