Vintage Old West Lantern El Paso Texas Cowboy Lamp Brass Bunk House Oil Lamp


Vintage Old West Lantern El Paso Texas Cowboy Lamp Brass Bunk House Oil Lamp

The nicest looking Texan western themed lamps that we were indeed fortunate enough to have found. This Old West Texas style oil lantern is very heavily constructed from solid brass with a nice finish, giving it an authentic vintage character. Something you would expect to see hanging from a ranch bunk house even though it can just as easily sit on a table or hang on a wall indoors or outdoors. It has an attached loop located on the top of the lantern for easy hanging. The lantern is complete with a 12-1/2" reflector hood, glass chimney, and wick. Attached to the reflector hood is a copper tag that reads: Patented 1881 - Cowboy Bunk House Lamp - El Paso Texas. It stands 27" tall by 13" wide.

To fill this lantern the burner unscrews from the top of the oil reservoir. Please note that this oil lamp is being sold for decorative purposes only. It is not cleaned or checked before it is shipped. If you plan to actually burn the lamp, then we first suggest cleaning it, filling the reservoir with lamp oil and placing the lamp in a utility tub overnight to be sure that it doesn't leak oil prior to setting it on a desk or other piece of good furniture. Keep out of the reach of children.

The brass has a nice patina overall giving it a rustic character and making it a very nice item to decorate with. Personally, I think this color, along with the very nice patina on the brass is a big part of its appeal to most collectors. Since it is brass, I'm sure some will want to polish it to a high luster if that's the look they desire. Any final cleaning or polishing will be left up to the buyer.